OCS - Season 2 - Bingo

This is a "Bingo" board for Ocarina of Time Championship Series.

To win, you must complete 5 of the tasks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

A dungeon is an area with a map and a compass.

Iron boots (no damage):

As soon as the screen displays "ice cavern" you are not allowed to take any damage until you leave ice cavern. You have to reset immediately if you take any damage.

7 different bottled contents:

The bottles need to be filled at the end of the race, Empty Bottle does not count, Halfmilk and Milk are treated the same.

Defeat 3 bosses (no shields):

You have to get rid of the shield before entering the boss room and be shieldless until you leave it.

Defeat 8 Floormasters / Wallmasters:

Only 8 in total, not 8 each.

Open 8 chests inside spirit temple:

Mirror shield and silver gauntlets do not count.

3 Fairy Rewards:

Double Magic and Double Defense count, normal magic does not count.

Open 4 boss doors:

Child dungeon and ganondorf boss doors count.

For areas with restrictions or special tasks:

It's only needed to take care of them if you want the goal to be completed.

If you get iron boots but you don't intend to get the goal done you may take as much damage as you want but afterwards you'll be locked for that goal (if you have taken damage).

ROW1 All Bottom
Row Songs
Defeat 10 Stalfos Defeat 8 Floormasters / Wallmasters Open 4 Gold Rupee Chests 7 Different
Bottled Contents
ROW2 Both Lakeside Laboratory HPs 10 Unique Dungeon Skulltulas Defeat 3 bosses (No Shields) 3 Fairy Rewards Press the Blue Switch in Fire Temple
ROW3 Open 8 chests inside Spirit Temple Get to the end
of 2 Trials
Iron Boots
(no damage)
Open 5 Recovery Heart Chests Summon
8 Different Scarecrows
ROW4 Get the Skulltula in the Middle tower of Water temple Open 4 Boss doors 7 Hearts
(No Heart Container)
Clear 8 Silver Rupee Rooms Exactly 333 Rupees
ROW5 Open 15 Chests
in GTG
Open 5 Chests from Grottos 20 Unique Overworld Skulltulas Open 6 chests in Water Temple Exactly 10 Unused Keys from Dungeons