Race #5 - MST

Participation Statistics:

The 5th OCS race had 42 entrants and 34 of them finished. This means that it's the 4th race in a row that breaks 40 entrants!


Goal Explanation:

This week's challenge was probably the easiest to understand. One glimpse at the goal and you already knew what you had to do. The way I saw this was that there were three main parts to this challenge.

First you had to figure out what items you needed to beat all the trials. You know you didn't need Light Arrows, but this way you also had to think about how you were going to get to the castle too.

Secondly, with RBA being banned, you had to find the best way to manage your explosives. This brought us back a little bit to 2013-2014 bingos where RBA was not as free as it is today. You couldn't just RBA a ton of Bombchus at the beginning of the run and call it a day.

Lastly, you had to think about the trials themselves. This was the most execution heavy part of the run so people who had a lot of experience with them (MST, glitchless, bingos) had an advantage there.

I'll go through the possible routes and see what options were available.

Getting started

When you watch MST runs, you don't necessarily think about why they grab some of the items during the run since they have to beat all the dungeons too. In this race, you didn't have to beat any dungeons, you just needed the items to finish the trials, so before making your way there, you needed to grab those items.


You needed the Megaton Hammer for the Water and Shadow trials, they both have a rusty switch that you can only hit with the hammer. You needed the Mirror Shield for the Spirit Trial, it's the only way to reflect the sunlight on one of the suns on the wall. You needed a source of fire (Din's Fire or Fire Arrows) for the Forest Trial, since with the restrictions, it was the only way to light the torches in there. You needed Zelda's Lullaby for the Light Trial but you already had that since you had to get magic for the Forest Trial. Lastly, whether you got Fire Arrows or Din's Fire, you needed the Fairy Bow because Din's Fire doesn't reach the web at the end of the Spirit Trial so you had to use a Fire Arrow or shoot a normal arrow through a torch.

Since BA and RBA were banned, you had to get all these items in the legit way, you couldn't use LACS to BA the hammer or Fire Arrows and you couldn't RBA a quiver and just use the Ice Arrow. You had to route the fastest way to get all these items, but there was one last thing you had to think about. Forest Temple and Fire Temple were musts. There was only one way of getting these items and it was to go through the dungeon the same way you would always do it.

Picking what fire source you wanted for the Forest Trial was one of the biggest decisions you had to make and it had to be pretty early too. The only (fast) way to get Din's Fire was to get magic right after getting Zelda's Lullaby and then getting the spell before going adult. If you were planning on getting Fire Arrows, then you could just go adult after ZL but you had a lot more to route as adult.

As usual, another early decision is to choose where you will get your Bombchus. Ocarina Dive was once again the most popular option, but Ganondoor, while slower, was a safe alternative because you would get 20 chus right off the bat. You saved a little bit of time over doing Ganondoor in a normal race since this way you would have a good part of Spirit Trial done already for when you come back at the end of the run. Some people even decided to go back to the Well after getting Zelda's Lullaby to get more Bombchus.

With Ganondoor and Well chus, that was 30 chus, which was more than enough to last for the entire run. Doing all this was a good 4-5 minutes slower but you didn't have to worry about anything for your adult segment.

Din's Fire was the safest option compared to getting Fire Arrows, because depending on your route to magic, it costs 3 to 5 Bombchus and then you don't have to worry about night cycles or routing in Lake Hylia in your adult segment. Clipping in Darunia's Room to go to Magic through Death Mountain Crater was faster because this way you were 100% certain to be able to get back to the castle before night.

Make sure you have full health too because otherwise you might have to clutch it out!

You could also ride the owl down the mountain if you knew you it was a good time of day. If it was night or turning night, it was better to just walk down so that time passes. There wasn't really anything else you could do as child so all that was left was to pick up the Master Sword.

Preparing for Ganon's Castle

The first part of the adult segment was probably the same for almost everyone. Get Hookshot, Hover Boots and Bombs. The part where it started changing was once you got to Goron City.

You could skip the Goron Tunic but you would need a fairy in Fire Temple and in Fire Trial which made it very risky for a very minimal timesave. In bingos these days, people will often get the tunic but then go straight to get the Minuet of Forest. They then walk back to Death Mountain Crater without getting Bolero and warp out to the Forest Temple once they are done with what they wanted to do in the Fire Temple. There's nothing much to say about getting Megaton Hammer and Fairy Bow except don't die to the Stalfos.

If you die, make sure a pot hits you on the right frame!

For people who needed the Fire Arrows, you had to get the Fairy Bow before going to Lake Hylia so a popular order to get the items was Megaton Hammer -> Fairy Bow -> Fire Arrows -> Mirror Shield.

The tricky part was how to get the Fire Arrows? Sideflipping is the easiest way to get to the platform but what if you didn't have enough Bombchus? Kokiri Hovers were always an option. They are way harder than any Bombchu hovers but they were an option here if you really didn't have another solution. Some people like Sniping just opted to Kokiri Hover and it ended up working out for them.

The person that really upstaged everyone in this segment was Marco. He was already arguably in 1st place at that point and he then clutched out a Skulltula hookshot jump on a perfect night cycle to get to the Fire Arrow platform.

Bou Frost and Tob3000 also went for the Skulltula hookshot jump.

You can see Bou Frost's full execution directly below.

You can also kill the Skulltula from the bottom if you're scared that you might miss the night cycle.

Beating the Water Temple was also an option if you really didn't want to hover to the platform but it was also a lot slower. You could even get the Scarecrow's Song as child and then get the Longshot, but while possibly easier it was also very slow. This way you could have an easier time with Trials though.

The last item you needed before going to Ganon's was the Mirror Shield. Now, most people's Bombchu count was pretty low at this point so you had to make a couple decisions. You could get the 5 Bombchus in Gerudo Training Grounds, but you could also get the chest that has 10 Bombchus inside Spirit Temple. If you were planning on getting that chest, then it was faster to not do Spirit hover and get Mirror Shield from the inside since you had Zelda's Lullaby anyway. You could just go through the normal path, get the Bombchu chest and then even skip the Iron Knuckle.

Once you were fully prepared, you could make your way to the castle, but you still had to decide how you would do that. As usual, if you had enough Bombchus, you could contortion hover or sideflip across the gap. Kokiri Hovers were an option again, but of course very risky. A lot of people wrong warped either from Deku Tree or Fire Temple. Deku Tree was slower but it was a safer strategy since most people are familiar with that wrong warp. Marco and Juwk opted for this warp and it worked out for both of them.

A cool part about doing adult Deku Tree is that you can just burn every web right away with your Fire Arrows.

1080 was pretty fast because you were already in Fire Temple to get the hammer so you just had to drop down and fight Volvagia, but that wrong warp can be very easy to fail. Sniping and PhoenixFeather were planning on doing it, but they both ran into problems and ended up doing Kokiri Hovers to the castle.

You had to make all these decisions while always thinking about your Bombchu count. You needed one Bombchu to get Hover Boots and at least one Bombchu to get Bombs. Considering you already used at least 2 Bombchus as child to get Zelda's Lullaby, that meant you had 6 left after that if you did Ocarina Dive. You can Spirit Hover with one Bombchu if you really want to and you can hover to Fire Arrows with 9 or 10 Bombchus. Contortion hovers to Ganon's Castle take 8 Bombchus. It seems like the best route would be to Spirit Hover with your remaining 6 or less chus, Skulltula hookshot jump to Fire Arrows and 1080 to Ganon's Castle. This would be the fastest "human" route since Kokiri Hovers would be faster everywhere if you can somehow get them unbuffered first try everytime. The safest route that was still pretty fast was to get Din's Fire as child and then not do Spirit hover and get the 10 chus in Spirit Temple. This way you could just contortion to Ganon's and you didn't have any risky tricks to do anywhere. This is the route Flo, Amateseru and Blinkzy went for and they respectively finished 3rd, 4th and 7th.

Some people really didn't want to deal with hovering or wrong warping to the castle so they decided to beat the Shadow and Spirit Temples so they could get Light Arrows and the rainbow bridge. This was easily 10-15 minutes slower (probably more) but they probably didn't want to learn a trick mid-race.


Ganon's Castle was by far my favorite part about this run. There's so many strats for every trial depending on what items you have so it was super fun to watch everyone do something different.

Forest Trial

There's no real puzzle in Forest Trial. You light the torches in the first room with Fire Arrows or Din's Fire. The only difference is that if you dont' have Fire Arrows you'll have to shoot an arrow through one of the torches on the floor to light the one that's over the door. In cases where you don't have a bow you can also hookshot that torch to light it with Din's. If you're using Fire Arrows, you should shoot the torches from the entrance so that you don't trigger the Wolfos. The second room is just to collect the rupees in a room with multiple fans and a Beamos. Once you made it to the last room, you were in a pretty unique situation compared to normal OoT runs.

In MST, you would shoot the barrier with a Light Arrow and that teleports you back to the main room. Im a Bingo, you usually only have one trial in your row so you would either savewarp out or finish on it. In this challenge, you have to go back to the castle to finish the other trials so savewarping was an option, but you could also go back and do the trial in reverse. Forest Trial was a bit tricky, but if you went to the left of the fan room, you could reach the entrance of the room with a well timed roll while wearing Hover Boots.

If you had Longshot then you didn't even have to worry about anything.

Water Trial

The Water Trial is also pretty straight forward. You can use Blue Fire on the Red Ice in the first room if you want but you can also clip through it and quickspin or crouch stab the Freezards.

Hitting the switch through the Red Ice wasn't really a problem for anyone either and walking out of the trial was fast and easy.

Shadow Trial

If you had Fire Arrows, Shadow Trial probably wasn't a problem as you had all the tools you needed to make it to the end without trouble. If you had Din's Fire, you had one more level of difficulty. You had to do a hoverslide or megasidehop to light the first torch and then make your way to the platforms that appear. The problem is that you're in a really weird angle after lighting the torch and you don't have that much time before they disappear.

If you didn't like this strat you could also go for the torch recoil into a Bombchu hover but it was a bit harder. Bou Frost forgot he had Fire Arrows so we have a nice video of it from the race!

Most people got Golden Gauntlets (everyone except Marco and Flo) but skipping them could save a little bit of time if you knew the strats. Again, if you had Fire Arrows, getting the gauntlets was no sweat, but with Din's you had to figure out how to get back up from the switch. You could do the Hookshot turnaround method, like Runnerguy did.

You could also get creative like a couple people did and finish the trial first. You could then light the torch near the door and use the platforms to get down to the switch. You also had enough time to climb up a bit and hookshot the chest easily. If you didn't want to do any of these options, you could just void after making the chest appear and redo the first part of the trial. The Shadow Trial was the most complicated trial to do in reverse but if you had Fire Arrows, it wasn't too bad and it was still faster than savewarping to the entrance.

Fire Trial

The Shadow and Fire Trials were where people struggled the most in Ganon's Castle. If you're not used to Fire Trial, it can be easy to not pay attention and fall in the lava, but everytime you fall you have to pick up all the rupees again. Skipping Golden Gauntlets is the new thing in MST, but you still need to get the rupee under that block so here's how Fire Trial is done now.

You could do a megasidehop or a hoverslide to exit the trial, but most people decided to just savewarp. Did you know there was a hookshot target on the platform where the Torch Slug is? Because I did not. It's like Nintendo knew this would be good for an OCS race so they decided to put it in the game.

Light Trial

The Light Trial is just defeating invisible enemies, playing ZL and dodging boulders to get rupees, but if you skipped Golden Gauntlets, you had to skip the giant block at the entrance first.

You would think that a trial like this was impossible to fail, but sometimes the game thinks otherwise. (Not from the OCS race)

If you didn't have Ocarina, you had to make sure you had something in your bottle to Ocarina Item with so if you emptied your bottle to put Blue Fire in it for Water Trial, you didn't have any way of playing ZL. Luckily, Spamminn had the amazing backup of just going back to Water Trial and getting Blue Fire again.

Spirit Trial

If you did Ganondoor as child and got Spirit Trial chus, you just had to walk to the end and light the right sun. Just like the Light Trial, walking out was really easy. The frustrating part was that because you get 20 Bombchus here, you would finish your run with 20 Bombchus after needing so may of them during the entirety of the run.

No one walked out of every trial, but it would have been the fastest route, on VC for sure at least. A safer route could have been to do the Forest, Water and Shadow trials first and then savewarp and do Spirit, Light and finish on Fire. This way you didn't have to worry about getting out of Shadow and Fire which were the two "hardest" trials to do in reverse. With all that said, here are the 15 best Trial segment times that people got. It's interesting to see how different these times are to the final results of the race.

Marco was already ahead of everyone when he entered Ganon's Castle, so he just grew his lead at that point. We can also give an honorable mention to Celestial Derp with the 14:45 but while also having Light Arrows. This way he could just shoot the barrier at the end which meant he didn't need to walk out of the trial or savewarp.

Trials time

Rank Name Time Source of fire
#1Marco10:03Fire Arrow
#2Flo10:31Din's Fire
#3Juwk11:02Din's Fire
#4Phoenixfeather11:38Fire Arrow
#5Sniping11:56Fire Arrow
#6Kakageta12:09Fire Arrow
#7SavageWizzrobe12:36Din's Fire
#8Amateseru12:54Din's Fire
#9Exodus13:22Fire Arrow
#10Tob300013:35Fire Arrow
#11Runnerguy13:49Din's Fire
#12Xanra14:00Fire Arrow
#13Flanthis14:02Din's Fire
#14Scaramanga14:03Fire Arrow
#15Hyperion14:39Fire Arrow

Overall standings

Marco got 100 points from this race and that means he now holds the 5th playoff spot, passing Blinkzy. Sniping with his 2nd place still holds a very healthy 74 point lead over 2nd place. Exodus is still in 2nd place but only one point ahead of 3rd place Flo! Amateseru still holds that 4th place, but only 11 points ahead of 5th. Last week's race had some crazy results but this week was a bit back to normal with the top 7 in the overall standings finishing top 7 in the race too.

For those keeping score at home, it's now 2-2 between PhoenixFeather and Blinkzy after Phoenix sniped Blinkzy in this last race. Blinkzy was having a bit of trouble in the trials and Phoenix clutched it out at the end and won this round of the rivalry. He's now only 45 points behind Blinkzy and the 6th place.

The OCS season is now halfway done but that doesn't mean you can stop joining the races, we still have a lot of goals that we are really excited about and it's going to be exciting to see who qualifies for the playoffs as the season comes closer and closer to the end. Thank you again to everyone that joined and watched and the next race is on November 27.