OCS - Recap Race #6

Race #6 - The Janitor Challenge

Participation Statistics:

The 60% mark of the season has been passed after last week's race and we had 38 players this time. Sadly, Gombill was in the race but forgot to enter on SRL, but we still gave him his points for 17th place.


Goal Explanation:

The concept of this race was one of my favorites so far. I really liked how it made you think of the dungeons from a totally different perspective. You were not trying to get to the end of the dungeon, you were just trying to see how deep into the dungeon you could go without using too many keys, but sometimes you had to use some to maximize your total number.

We decided to make the number 30 because it was impossible to get this number without Zelda's Lullaby, Iron Boots or child Spirit Temple. You had to pick at least one of the three. There were 37 small keys you could "realistically" get. There were 2 more you could get with ridiculous hovers in Forest Temple and Fire Temple.

This goal was fairly easy but only once you knew what keys you were going to get. It was very confusing in the beginning of the race since everyone was trying to remember where you could get keys. The route was simple enough, but again, only once you fully understood the goal. You could get keys in every adult dungeon, Bottom of the Well, Gerudo Fortress, Gerudo Training Grounds and Ganon's Castle. The ones we knew some people were going to forget were the 4 keys in the fortress and it gave us this beautiful moment when Menou saved the race for Team France.

r I forgot something big in the rules and restrictions of the race, I completely forgot to put that duping keys in GTG was banned and again, I'm really sorry. We're trying to have everything be as clear as possible and I forgot something that was that obvious, so thanks again to everyone for understanding and playing along. I also find it great that everyone is always saying how the goal is going to take 3 hours when the race starts and then it ends up being around the same time as the other races.

The Clue

The clue was simple once you saw what the goal was. A janitor usually carries a keychain with keys to all the doors in a school or building. We realized after making the image that it's the janitor from the TV show "Scrubs" that we put on there so we thought maybe some people would suggest that the race would have to do with Deku Scrubs. Guesses were all over the place, some people thought the goal might be to drain the well, to defeat Dark Link since the floor in his room is wet, or even to cut all the grass in Hyrule Field.



We've seen some dominating performances in the last races like Marco winning the 5th race by more than 4 minutes and Sniping winning the 4th race by almost 6 minutes, but this time it was a whole other level. What made it even more impressive is that this was tob3000's first win of the series and he wasn't even in the top 5 overall. Oh yeah, I should also mention that he finished in first place NINE minutes ahead of second place! Even at the end, when he could see that no one else had finished yet, he went for 2 backwalking weird shots to get that last Water Temple small key and nailed them both, super impressive stuff by tob3000.

Tob is definitely going to be one of the best players and he keeps on improving so keep an eye on him in the next races for sure. He also finished second in Runnerguy's rookie bingo tournament so you know he already has experience in important races. Exodus finished in 2nd place so that puts him closer to 1st place overall now since Sniping finished outside the top 5 (7th). Bronze went to Hyperion64, his mastery of Water Temple made him one of the favorites for this race and he delivered with a top 3 finish. In only his second OCS race, Runnerguy finished in 4th place and that puts him in 13th place overall already. Amateseru completed the top 5 in this race and kept his 4th place overall.

Bottom of the Well

Everyone got these keys right at the start. You could get the two keys behind invisible walls and the key in the coffin room where you open the right coffin by lighting a torch. It's hard to get in it to get the key though.

If you wanted to get all three keys in the well, you couldn't do vineclip because that requires actor glitch, which means unlocking a door. The fastest option was actually to just get the three keys and leave, you were going to go to Gerudo Training Grounds anyway and you could get Bombchus there. In fact, if you weren't going to Spirit Temple and were RBA'ing bombs and a quiver, you didn't even need Bombchus at all in this run.

Shadow Temple

You could get 2 keys in Shadow Temple but one of them required ZL and riding the boat. The temple is pretty linear so when you go deeper in the dungeon, everytime you get a key it's used to unlock a door to then get another key and repeat the process. After getting Hover Boots you could do Truth Spinner skip which is a cool trick that is faster than doing the Truth Spinner and also eliminates the RNG.

The first key you could get was the one in the silver rupee room. You could save a couple seconds there by weird shotting instead of collecting the rupees. A lot of people decided to not ride the boat to get the second key and just left the temple. It's a bit more than 2 minutes from the first key to the second so you could have better options but this was an easy key to get. The hardest part about it was just the Invisible Floormaster itself.

Forest Temple

4 unused keys in Forest Temple is currently a Bingo goal so many racers already knew the route for this dungeon. You would just get the key in the tree at the beginning, the first Stalfos room key, the Floormaster room key and the key in the well. If you don't have Iron Boots you have to go through the Map room to drain the well, but for the few people that did get Iron Boots, they could save around a minute here by just getting the key underwater.

This is good for bingo too, 4 unused keys in Forest has good synergy with any Iron Boots goal, so keep an eye out for that. If you didn't want to RBA a quiver, you might want to get the Fairy Bow for a couple keys in Gerudo Training Grounds, but this way you could only get 3 unused keys in this temple. You need to unlock a minimum of 2 doors to get to the bow, but you could get the small key you could get from fighting Joelle at that point.

Fire Temple

Fire temple is an interesting dungeon for this challenge because the further you go in the dungeon, the more keys you can get. If you didn't want to unlock any doors, you could just the key from Darunia's room and leave. If you unlock that first door, then 2 small keys become available and you could leave. If you unlock the two doors after that, 4 keys become available from the big boulder maze room. You just had to free all the Gorons in this area and that was 4 more keys to your total. You could skip Goron Tunic pretty easily in this race, even if you only had 3 hearts. You just had to make sure to get a fairy and be a little careful with your movement in the first rooms. This way you didn't have to deal with all the text from Link the Goron. A cool strat for this was to get a fairy in the pot in the first Stalfos room in Forest Temple before you went to Fire Temple.

Gerudo Fortress/Gerudo Training Grounds

You could get 4 keys in Gerudo Fortress by fighting the Gerudo guards and then leaving the carpenters in their cell. It was very weird to watch, the only reason you're in the Fortress usually is to free the carpenters so muscle memory took over for some people and they still unlocked a door.

Bingo players had a bit of an advantage for GTG too. There are multiple goals in bingo that are to get X number of unused keys in GTG. Most people got 8 keys but there are 9 keys in total. You needed Iron Boots for that 9th key, but you only needed Bombs and a quiver for 8. This section isn't done in any categories, not even 100% since you just weird shot to the Ice Arrow. This video by Sniping shows pretty well the route you would want to use to get the 8 keys.

If you didn't have strength you could still get the key in the Like Like room but you had to know this trick:

Spirit Temple

You could get the key on bottom child side as child Link if you wanted, otherwise you would need Din's Fire or Fire Arrows to light those torches. Most people didn't get this key though, so without counting that one, you could get a total of 3 unused small keys in here. The best way to do that would be to Spirit hover to Mirror Shield to light the sun and get that key. You would need to unlock the door to the big main room but that gave you access to the key on the hand (play Zelda's Lullaby) and the key on the child side before Silver Gauntlets. There's a strat there you can do with just arrows.

You could just savewarp after getting those keys and get the 3rd one in the silver rupee room with the boulders. You could also start with this one but you would have to watch Requiem this way, so Spirit hover first was faster.

Water Temple

The Water Temple is this crazy magical place where everything is possible and all your wishes come true. It seems like you can access every room in the dungeon by just going out of bounds and swimming. You could also get all 6 small keys without unlocking any doors. This temple ended up determining most people's route because not everyone knows all these clips and strats so if you only got 2 or 3 keys here, it meant you had to get 2 or 3 more at some other place. If you had Zelda's Lullaby and a quiver, the 2 first keys were very easy. You would just lower the water, bomb the wall and light those 2 torches. Once the water is lowered, you can weird shot twice from the entrance and get that small key from behind the block. You could also go the normal way from the middle level and shoot the eye with an arrow to skip the weird shot. The crystal switch room is interesting because there are many ways to get to it and also many ways to get the keys in there. You could ledge clip when the water is still up and then swim out of bounds until you reach the room with the tektite before it.

You could also torch clip at the bottom if you had lowered the water already. If you RBA'd strength you could push the block BUT you would get stuck because it would mean your scale would have the value of 0 so you couldn't dive. Without Iron Boots, you can still get the small key behind that gate using a cutscene dive. You just had to drop a Bombchu towards the switch and jump in the water at the right moment to drop to the bottom. Runnerguy used this strat and clutched it out at the end, if he missed it, he would have lost his 4th place.

The only way to get the key in the area that is normally only accessible after Longshot was to hover all the way up. If you RBA'd Bombchus it wasn't too big of a problem and it's what people like Tob, Hyperion and Amateseru did.

Doing this strat meant that you could do another ledge clip to get that key without doing the cutscene dive.

The 6th key you could get was at the bottom of the main tower. You would usually have Iron Boots here and you would have to kill all the enemies but with another ledge clip you could go out of bounds and reach the chest.

I recommend to anyone that wants to learn some crazy strats in Water Temple to watch Hyperion or to watch this video too:

Ganon's Castle

The only key you could get here was the one in Light Trial. Most people RBA'd strength so they could pick up the giant boulder but you could also clip through it with a superslide, just like people did in the Trials race.

It seems like the best route was to skip Spirit Temple altogether but get all the keys in Water Temple. You would get keys from Bottom of the Well (3), Forest Temple (4), Fire Temple (4), Shadow Temple (1), Gerudo Fortress (4), Gerudo Training Grounds (8) and Water Temple (6). MikeKatz45 has been doing route revisions with a bit of commentary too so definitely go check his videos out. Here is the one he made for the 6th race.

With Tob's win, things have been getting closer again outside of the top 5. Exodus and Sniping are sitting comfortably in the top 2 slots but there is only a 129 point difference between the 3rd place and the 10th place now. The next 4 races are going to be very exciting leading up to the playoffs. See you all on December 11.

Note: There will exceptionally also be a race on the 18th since we did not want the Championship to have a 5 week break. The 7th race will be on December 18 and the 8th race will probably be on January 15