Quarter 3 Recap

Things are getting hot! The last quarter of the OCS season is about to start and we have a tight battle in the race for the playoffs. Although the top spot seems set in stone, the rest of the top 10 might still shuffle quite a bit.

No one wants to face the 10th seed instead of the 14th seed in the first round. 105 different players have joined at least one race so far, that is 28 more than the entirety of the first season.

Many players will not make the playoffs but this is their last chance to climb up in the rankings.

Power rankings

Amateseru just keeps on trucking, he has been at the top of the leaderboard since the very first race and not much can stop him now. Tob has also had a good quarter with two second place finishes.

The middle of the rankings are where the results are the most interesting. Chris7M is trending up with a 3rd and 12th place finish. Matt and Numberplay are also in the top 16 for this quarter, but they will need to get really good placings in the next race to have a chance to make the playoffs.

Position Player Score

Beyond The Memes - Race #7


Runnerguy2489 - The invisible chest save.

Xanra - Broken Longshot.

Standings after 7 races:

Position Player Score Difference
#1Amateseru 1210 =
#2Exodus 1020 =
#3Hyperion64 966 +1
#4Marco 957 -1
#5Phoenixfeather 871 =
#6Runnerguy2489 854 +1
#7Tob3000 842 -1
#8Juwk 830 =
#9Bonooruu 710 =
#10Blinkzy 677 =
#11Scaramanga 615 =
#12Realtimeattack64 607 +1
#13Gregortixlkyns 603 -1
#14Dannyb21892 538 =
#15Gombill 484 +1
#16Armorysons 470 +1
#17Psymarth 446 -2
#18Doctorkill 418 +1
#19Chris7M 390 -1
#20Mrbubbleskp 385 +1
#21Jenslang 375 -1
#22Menou 365 +1
#23Xanra 329 +1
#24Flanthis 328 -2
#25Acermax 288 New

Skulltula Revenge - Race #8


Runnerguy2489 - Nononono get away from that!!!

Numberplay - Hookshot Jump in DMT.

Gombill - Into the Void.

Standings after 8 races:

Position Player Score Difference
#1Amateseru 1335 =
#2Exodus 1170 =
#3Hyperion64 1098 =
#4Runnerguy2489 1054 +2
#5Marco 1052 -1
#6Tob3000 1017 +1
#7Phoenixfeather 892 -2
#8Juwk 830 =
#9Blinkzy 817 +1
#10Bonooruu 710 -1
#11Scaramanga 700 =
#12Gregortixlkyns 661 +1
#13Realtimeattack64 641 -1
#14Dannyb21892 638 =
#15Psymarth 551 +2
#16Chris7M 550 +3
#17Armorysons 536 -1
#18Gombill 521 -3
#19Jenslang 493 +2
#20Doctorkill 458 -2
#21Menou 396 +1
#22Mrbubbleskp 342 -2
#23Xanra 329 =
#24Sonfloro 333 New
#25Flanthis 288 -1

OCS Countdown - Race #9


PhoenixFeather - Did That Really Just Happen?

Hyperion64 - Last minute clutch.

Psymarth - I'm not, I'm not, I'm not...

Xanra - WTF fire?!

Standings after 9 races:

Position Player Score Difference
#1Amateseru 1535 =
#2Exodus 1281 =
#3Hyperion64 1248 =
#4Tob3000 1192 +2
#5Marco 1137 =
#6Phoenixfeather 1106 +1
#7Runnerguy2489 1097 -3
#8Juwk 1010 =
#9Blinkzy 845 =
#10Scaramanga 800 +1
#11Bonooruu 710 -1
#12Realtimeattack64 695 +1
#13Psymarth 691 +2
#14Gregortixlkyns 661 -2
#15Chris7M 645 +1
#16Dannyb21892 638 -2
#17Armorysons 602 =
#18Gombill 596 =
#19Doctorkill 563 +1
#20Mrbubbleskp 510 +2
#21Jenslang 493 -2
#22Menou 406 -1
#23Sonfloro 395 +1
#24Xanra 379 -1
#25Matttinthehat 368 New

Playoff race

If we look at the top of the leaderboard, Amateseru has all but clinched the first seed. If Exodus joins the next race, wins and Amateseru decided to not play or forfeit, he would still be in first place! His lowest placing was 7th place so his lead is very safe.

Exodus has been the most consistent bingo player for years, he would be the obvious choice for the second seed. If I was a betting man I would say that the rest of the top 5 would be filled by Tob, Hyperion and Marco in any order. Tob has a win and many second-place finishes, Hyperion is one of the only top players that did not have a “bad” result and even though Marco did not have the best third quarter, his execution alone is good enough for him to finish strong.

These next comments will assume that these players will join and complete all three remaining races. If everyone played around their average then Doctorkill, Gombill and Armorysons might be in trouble but the beauty of this format is that if one of them can somehow pull out a top 5 finish then that might be enough to secure their spot. Doctorkill even already has a 5th place finish this season.

Bonooruu probably is the safest out of these 11 players and he could also be a prime candidate to cause an upset in the first round of the playoffs if he makes it. Greg, Danny and Armory have finished pretty consistently between 10 and 20 but they will need to finish closer to 10 as the weeks go on. Chris has been on a roll recently and finished in the top 12 in his last three races. He even finished 3rd in the Skulltula race!

Realtimeattack started the season strong but just had his two worst races. He is still in a comfortable position, but he needs to make sure the people behind him do not beat him. Jenslang would be in a very different position if he had not missed four races but if he places around his average or better, he might still have a chance to land a spot.

The players in the lower spots can simply must finish ahead of the people they are in direct competition with. Only three races are left, the spots will get filled out quickly.

Player Rank Points Highest Lowest # of finished races Average
*Gombill finished 47th in the 6th race because he started the race several hours late. Otherwise, he would have got 26 as is lowest ranking.

If the playoffs started today

Amateseru vs Dannyb21892

Exodus vs Chris7M

Hyperion64 vs Gregortixlkyns

Tob3000 vs Psymarth

Marco vs Realtimeattack64

Phoenixfeather vs Bonooruu

Runnerguy2489 vs Scaramanga

Juwk vs Blinkzy

Shoutouts to these players who finished all 9 races

















Battle modes #4 and #5


It is with no surprise that we announce that the fourth battle mode will be countdown. The players will have to accumulate points from a randomized scoreboard and from a randomized set of bingo goals. This battle mode requires a lot of routing skill and the ability to change your route on the fly many times if needed. The risk vs reward factor is very important in this as sneaking in that one item might be just enough to give you the win but it also means you have no room for mistakes. The exact setting for the timer and number of goals will be announced with the rest of the playoff details.

Spin the wheel

The true spirit of OCS! When this battle mode is selected, a goal will be randomly picked from a list of past OCS races, restriction races, less popular categories or just arbitrary goals. The players will not have access to the list so every goal so they cannot practice directly for them but playing bingos, restriction races or studying past OCS results can help to prepare. This can be a good battle mode to counterpick if you think your opponent can get overwhelmed by an impromptu goal, but also if you are confident in your ability to adapt.

Example of an arbitrary goal:

Obtain Nocturne of Shadow, No RBA.

Example of a restriction race:

Beat Spirit Temple & Deku Tree. Obtain Ice Arrow. Obtain Silver Scale. No Hookshot. No Hover Boots.

More details about how exactly the picking and counterpicking will work will come as we get closer to the end of the season.